Guillotine Leagues: Week 16

It was the final week of the three week playoff, and I entered with a lead. Despite some bad luck and a wrong start/sit decision, I was able to hang on and win, thanks mostly to to Saquon Barkley. The bad luck was mostly starting D.J. Moore, who got concussed early and ended up with one reception for one yard. It was a little bit the Ingram injury that caused him to miss a quarter of the game, and maybe that touchdown that Justice Hill got. The bad start/sit decision was Russell Wilson over Drew Brees. I played the matchup over the hot streak, and that turned out to be the wrong move. In all, I left about 60 points on the table by starting Wilson in two out of the three games in the playoff.

But in the end, it didn’t matter. I entered Monday night’s game solidly in second place and 13 points behind first, with the first place team having nobody, and me having Davante Adams. He scored enough points to win. The third place team needed more than 50 points from Aaron Rodgers to catch me, which did not happen. So, I won first place.

That’s it for the season. Now it is time to reflect on the strategy I used in the Fanball leagues, which might be pointless since it seems clear that Fanball will be changing its guillotine league rules.

Anyway, I do not expect to post for a while. I hope you got some use out of my writing this season.



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