Guillotine Leagues: Week 15

It was Week 2 of Fanball’s 3-week playoff. I went from worst to first. Last week, I lamented that starting Russell Wilson instead of Drew Brees was the difference between first and last. The scores were just about 140 – 120 – 120 – 100.

This week, my team crushed it. I started Drew Brees, who scored close to 40 points in Fanball’s 6-points-per-pass-TD system. Zeke Elliott and Saquon Barkley also scored over 30 points. Davante Adams, Travis Kelce and Mark Ingram scored over 20 points. My only sub-20 player was Stefon Diggs, with 12. Overall, my team scored 185 points, and now leads 284 – 272 – 257 – 253. It is a pretty close match which should make for an exciting weekend.

I’m going to be with family in Canada this weekend, which I hope won’t interfere with team management. I will probably need to remember to check injury updates at noon on Sunday without my phone reminding me.

Good luck to all out there who made the championship week!


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