Guillotine Leagues: Week 10

What a week. I lost two of my four remaining Fanball leagues, so I went from feeling good about things to feeling not so good. In one of my two remaining leagues, I’m not thrilled with my team, and another team has played the FAAB waiting game much better than me and leads me in FAAB, 798 – 388. I feel like I’m playing for second place in that one. Here’s my team, called The Bourgeoisie:

QB: Drew Brees
RB: Mark Ingram
RB: Ezekiel Elliott
WR: Stefon Diggs
WR: Christian Kirk (who saved my bacon last week)
TE: Travis Kelce
FLEX: Jarvis Landry

Bench: Mixon, Miles Sanders, Barkley, Jeffery, Davante Adams.

Here’s the team that’s killing me in FAAB:

QB: Jameis Winston
RB: Le’Veon Bell
RB: Christian McCaffrey
WR: John Brown
WR: Michael Gallup
TE: Zach Ertz
FLEX: Marlon Mack

Bench: Matt Ryan, Calvin Ridley, David Montgomery, Courtland Sutton, George Kittle

My other Fanball team is Green Knights, where I’m much happier with my players and lead in FAAB, with 267. The other teams have 98, 70, 40, 40, 35, 5 and 0.

My lineup is:

QB: Pat Mahomes
RB: Le’Veon Bell
RB: Mark Ingram
WR: Julio Jones
WR: Tyreek Hill
TE: Hunter Henry
FLEX: Christian McCaffrey

Bench: Kareem Hunt, Todd Gurley, Chris Godwin, Davante Adams, Kenny Golladay.

My two eliminated teams were Team Jacobin and Team Sydney Carton. Team Jacobin started Russell Wilson, Mark Ingram, Todd Gurley, Keenan Allen, Julio Jones, Darren Waller, and Odell Beckham. Team Sydney Carton started Drew Brees, Josh Jacobs, Todd Gurley, Emmanuel Sanders, Keenan Allen, Jason Witten, and Julio Jones. I think both teams were better on paper than some of the competitors, so losing was unlucky, but then luck management is wha guillotine leagues are all about.

In my ESPN league, which is superflex + 4 flex, I trailed much of the week and only survived because of Amari Cooper’s huge game. I drafted very well and was able to be restrained in my FAAB spending, with the result that I have a pretty good lineup:

QB: Deshaun Watson
RB: Ronald Jones
RB: Le’Veon Bell
WR: Amari Cooper
WR: Cooper Kupp
TE: Zach Ertz
FLEX: Courtland Sutton
FLEX: Austin Ekeler
FLEX: DJ Chark
FLEX: Keenan Allen
Supeflex: Josh Allen

Bench: Calvin Ridley, Sterling Shepard, Aaron Rodgers, A.J. Green, Saquon Barkley, Sammy Watkins, Juju Smith-Schuster, Derrius Guice.

FAAB-wise, I have 442. The other 6 teams have 190, 5, 2, 2, 1, and 0. This league has $0 bids, though.


Free Agent Report

Here’s every free agent that went for over 10 FAAB in my Fanball leagues:

Alvin Kamara: 472(!), 93
DeAndre Hopkins: 284, 119
Christian McCaffrey 144
Dalvin Cook: 125
Josh Jacobs: 100, 30
Zeke Elliott: 93
Chris Godwin: 75, 50, 32, 29
Cooper Kupp: 60, 26
Derrick Henry: 51
Mark Ingram: 39, 11
Zach Ertz: 32, 12
Keenan Allen: 31
Deshaun Watson: 31
George Kittle: 30
Julio Jones: 23, 23
John Broen: 21
Darren Waller: 21, 19
Tom Brady: 20
Russell Wilson: 20, 20
Jarvis Landry: 17
Le’Von Bell: 13
Philip Lindsay: 11
Christian Kirk: 11
Julian Edelman: 11
Devonta Freeman: 11
Melvin Gordon: 10

FAAB Report

Out of 49 teams left, only 12 have more than 100 points and only two have more than 500. Here’s the breakdown:

901 – 1000: 1
801 .- 900: 0
701 – 800: 1
601 – 700: 0
501 – 600: 0
401 – 500: 0
301 – 400: 2
201 – 300: 2
101 – 200: 6
0 – 100: 37

Good luck in Week 11!


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