Guillotine Leagues: Week 8 Recap

One of my Fanball teams lost this week: Rusty Blades. This was the league where I picked first overall and got Zeke Elliott in the first, A.J. Green in the second (before he got injured), and Kerryon Johnson in the third.

It’s hard to do a postmortem because such is my life that I can’t remember what happened almost a week ago. I do know that not too long after this draft, I came to the view that picking Zeke #1 was a mistake, because his unpopulated bye week. That is, not many star players shared his bye weeks, meaning a big disadvantage for the team that had to bench him. And indeed, in my seven Fanball leagues, the team that had Elliott lost in three of them.

I have a vague recollection that I left myself without adequate RBs in this league, too. I wish I could go back and check my lineup on Fanball, but this does not seem to be an option.

This week, I am facing another loss because of another huge unforced error: I didn’t check the bye week schedule when bidding, and ended up with Drew Brees as my only QB in my team Sydney Carton. It doesn’t help that Julio Jones, Todd Gurley and Robert Woods are all on the bench in that league. At least Emmanuel Sanders’ performance on Thursday night has me currently in first place.

Free Agent Report

The teams that have lots of FAAB are still spending lots of FAAB. Here are the players who went for 20 or more:

Ezekiel Elliott: 351, 311, 252
Michael Thomas: 301
Travis Kelce: 248
Keenan Allen: 225, 134, 110
Mark Andrews: 150
DeAndre Hopkins: 147
Evan Engram: 103
Stefon Diggs: 88
Tyreek Hill: 82
Julio Jones: 78
Todd Gurley: 75
Odell Beckham: 71
TY Hilton: 69
Zach Ertz: 51
Darren Waller: 51
Matt Ryan: 51
Le’Veon Bell: 50
Sony Michel: 47
Mel Gordon: 41
Hunter Henry: 38
Curtis Samuel: 35, 20
Mohamed Sanu: 33
Michael Gallup: 27
Mark Ingram: 25
Matt Ryan: 25
Darren Fells: 22
John Brown: 22
Russell Wilson: 22
Sammy Watkins: 21
DK Metcalf: 21, 21
Jordan Howard: 20
Tyrell Williams: 20

Wealth Report

Out of 63 remaining teams, only 8 (13%) have more than 500 FAAB. Four of those are my teams, so among my competition, only 4 (6%) have more than 500. Forty teams (63%) have 200 FAAB or less, while 27 teams (43%) have 100 FAAB or less. If I didn’t keep making inattention-based mistakes, I would be feeling very good about my performance. Here’s the breakdown:

901 – 1000: 1
801 – 900: 1
701 – 800: 1
601 – 700: 2
501 – 600: 3
401 – 500: 3
301 – 400: 3
201 – 300: 9
101 – 200: 13
0 – 100: 27

Onward. Good luck to everyone in Week 9!



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