Guillotine League: Week 6 Recap

I thought spending was cooling down as guillotine leaguers found Jesus. But I guess they found Jeebus instead. Last week there were only two bids of 400 or over in my seven leagues. This week, there were five. Here are all bids over 20.

Saquon Barkley: 607
Dalvin Cook: 500, 456
Christian McCaffrey: 471
Chris Carson: 400
Cooper Kupp: 334, 185
Leonard Fournette: 316, 171
Melvin Gordon: 299, 37
T.Y. Hilton: 250, 63, 26
Davante Adams: 221, 161, 102
Kenny Golladay: 213, 98
Mark Ingram: 205, 91
Marlon Mack: 201, 175
David Johnson: 200
Travis Kelce: 196
Odell Beckham: 178
Keenan Allen: 171
Josh Jacobs: 141
Hunter Henry: 140, 101, 100
Aaron Jones: 123
Matt Ryan: 111
Evan Engram: 111
Tom Brady: 75
Amari Cooper: 70
James White: 51
Darren Waller: 45
Todd Gurley: 42
Juju Smith-Schuster: 41
Devin Singletary: 41
A.J. Green: 41
Jordan Howard: 35
Jamaal Williams: 35
Larry Fitzgerald: 33
Robert Woods: 31
Jamison Crowder: 29
A.J. Brown: 25
Will Fuller: 21
Jared Cook: 21
Jarvis Landry: 21

Notice the wide range of prices on some of these players. Leonard Fournette: 316 in one league, 171 in another. Cooper Kupp: 334 and 185. Melvin Gordon: 299, 37. T.Y. Hilton: 250, 63, 26. Davante Adams: 261, 161, 102 (I was the one who got him for 102). Golladay: 213, 98. Ingram: 205, 91.

In Gordon’s case I suspect this has to do with most people not believing he’s a superstar this year, and one person thinking he is and thinking that others think he is. In the other cases, I think this is a function of the big spenders not having a lot of money left, so players who would have gone for 300 in all leagues three weeks ago are only going for 300 in leagues where people who would spend 300 on them have money left.

Speaking of depleted treasuries, here is how little FAAB is left. Out of 7 x 11 = 77 teams in contention, this is the number of teams in each FAAB range:

901-1000: 4
801-900: 6
701 – 800: 2
601-700: 6
501-600: 3
401-500: 8
301-400: 10
201-300: 8
101-200: 10
0-100: 20

There are as many teams with 100 FAAB or less as there are with more than 500 – in both cases, 21 teams.

My Team Updates

I made some lineup and auction mistakes due to being too busy to pay close attention. In my ESPN league I left Rex Burkhead in the lineup because I was at a wedding before game time when in was announced he was out. I also kept my bench stacked with injured players in that league (A.J. Green, Chris Herndon, Saquon Barkley) and T.Y. Hilton was on bye, so I had a real shortage of substitutes.

In my Green Knights league (named for the Arthurian legend of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight), I made two bad mistakes. First, with Gurley anticipated to be out, I was left with only two RBS – Lev Bell and Rashaad Penny – and did not get a backup in case Penny was going to be inactive – as he was. And second, I forgot to put Tyreek Hill in the lineup, so played Dede Westbrook instead.

Nevertheless, I survived in all leagues. My ESPN league was very close – I needed about 14 points from Aaron Rodgers on Monday night to get out of last place. This week I’m in much better position with Saquon and Hilton back and Mike Williams and Jordan Howard claimed at auction (for $30 and $31). It’s a deep league (11 starters, 8 bench) so the latter are clear starters.

Good luck in Week 7. Don’t forget to plan ahead for your week 9 byes: Falcons, Bengals, Rams and Saints.


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