Welcome to the Fantasy Value Project, a project of FanMarks. We have developed an approach that uses fantasy points, rather than ranks, tiers, and comparisons, to measure the fantasy value of players.

For example, based on Rob Gronkowski’s 2017 performance, we measure his fantasy value at 138.48 fantasy points in PPR leagues with ordinary roster and scoring settings. That means that between weeks 1 and 16, a typical team gained 138.48 fantasy points by having Gronk on the roster and using him appropriately, compared to having a team’s typical next best starting option at tight end.

By quantifying player value, we help you, the fantasy owner, gain more insight into the true fantasy value of players. You will not just know that Player X is more valuable than Player Y – you will understand by how much he is more valuable.

Quantifying player value helps you understand trade value, a place where many fantasy players get tripped up, particularly in many-for-one trades. You might believe, for example, that trading your Zach Ertz for their Jimmy Graham and Matt Ryan is a good deal. The Fantasy Value Project will tell you that in 2017, Ertz’s value was 104.18 points, while Graham’s was 56.26 and Ryan’s was -24.44. (A player can have negative value if he is a perceived starter who actually performs worse than his best replacement option. In 2017, fantasy teams would have been better off starting quarterbacks in the QB13 to QB24 range than they were starting Matt Ryan.)

We are continually refining our approach and publishing new player assessments. All of the content on our website is completely free. In addition, we send free exclusive content to our e-mail subscribers, including updated player value spreadsheets, as well as announcements and promotions about other FanMark products. We do not share our subscribers’ information with other retailers. Please subscribe by clicking this link.